Firefighting Tools - Specs and Product Information

Get downloads and data about firefighting tools from Timberline, Scotty, Armorcord and Protek here on the Type One Incident Support website. And after you download this information, be sure to check out our store to order your firefighting tools!

Timberline Fire Hose Clamps

Timberline Fire Hose Clamp Flyer

Timberline FF2 Fire Hose Clamp

Scotty Firefighting Products

Scotty Product Catalog

Foam Nozzle Flow Rate Chart

BRAVO Backpack Flyer

Armorcord Unbreakable Starter Pull Cord

Pull Cord Sizes

Protek Firefighting Equipment

Protek 307 Information Flyer

Protek 309 Forestry Information Flyer

Protek 312 Auto Information Flyer

Protek 314 Auto Information Flyer

Protek 361 Select Information Flyer