Shell & Valve

Bambi Bucket Purse Strings Sets Bambi Bucket Purse Strings Sets

Purse lines may stretch or shrink after usage and may require replacement.

Bambi Bucket Shell Assembly Bambi Bucket Shell Assembly

Purchasing a Bambi Bucket Shell means you don't have to replace the whole bucket system if you don't need to - save time and money by just replacing your shell.

Bambi Bucket Shell Batten Bambi Bucket Shell Batten

The battens are key to the flexibility and strength of the bucket shell, however with use over time they may need to be replaced.

Bambi Bucket Shell Bottom Wear Strips Bambi Bucket Shell Bottom Wear Strips

The Bambi Bucket shell wear strips protect the bottom of the bucket shell against abrasion and damage.

Bambi Bucket Valve Kit Bambi Bucket Valve Kit

Replace your bucket valve as it gets worn - easy to replace with a new valve using the Bambi Bucket Valve Kit.

Bambi Bucket Cinch Strap Bambi Bucket Cinch Strap

A damaged cinch strap may impair the operator’s ability to reduce the maximum volume of the Bambi Bucket. Make sure your cinch straps are in good repair.