Scotty Firefighter

Scotty Squall Wall Scotty Squall Wall

The Scotty Squall Wall is an easy to use device that creates a wall of water to help cool and protect structures.

Scotty - Spanner/Gas Wrench Scotty - Spanner/Gas Wrench

The Scotty 4577 Fire Coupler Spanner and Gas Wrench is a durable, lightweight wrench used to tighten and loosen 1” (25mm) to 3” (76mm) fire hose line couplers, swivel hose fittings and anvil lug couplers.

Scotty Variable Percentage Checkvalves Scotty Variable Percentage Checkvalves

These checkvalves are designed to fit all Scotty 4060 eductors, controlling the percentage of foam concentrate educted.

Scotty - Roll & Foam Mobile Foam Attack System Scotty - Roll & Foam Mobile Foam Attack System

The Scotty Roll & Foam Mobile Foam Attack System is a self-contained foam supply unit.

Scotty BRAVO Backpack Scotty BRAVO Backpack

The BRAVO has a 6 gallon capacity, with dimensions 24" x 20" featuring a 4" filler port with debris screen, water tight lid, 3/4" GHT outlet port and 2" wide padded nylon webbing shoulder straps with accessory loops.

Scotty Foam Fast Scotty Foam Fast

The Scotty Foam-Fast 4010 Applicators are a simple and effective method of deploying Class A Foam in the form of a foam cartridge onto a fire scene.

Phos-Chek Solid Class A Foam Sticks Phos-Chek Solid Class A Foam Sticks

The Phos-Chek SOLID Class A foam sticks are sized for use with Scotty Plastics Foam-Fast Applicators, simply insert the foam stick into the applicator. As water passes from the pump through the applicator, the stick will dissolve into the water flow.